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The first choice roof serves Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex County covering. They have a professional team you can trust. We first look into the different options available for your industrial roof. We then give you a timeline for project completion and begin with new construction or remove an older roofing system to start fresh.

Regardless of the size of your roof, we ensure that your investment is kept safe by attending to any emergency that could threaten the rest of your building. For an industrial-sized commercial roof, we know that New Jerseys weather may prevail over the durability of your building materials. You should Know that we provide products with high ratings of weather-resistance, most of which also offer warranties. License # 13VH07454900

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First Choice Roofing and Construction is the only company that offers the advantage of a Roof Tune-up, a 7-Point Check, and Inspection. This is especially necessary for newer replaced roofing to ensure problematic weathering degradation due to storms or construction "short cuts." For older roofing, it can be inexpensively upgraded, making a huge difference in getting the most out of your roofing system. Call Allen today for a Free Estimate, or to ask him any questions you have about your roof at home!

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Roofing & Construction Services in Howell, NJ
Reliable Roofing Services in Howell
 Roofing Contractors in Howell
Residential and Commercial Roof Repairs in Howell
Roofing Company in Howell
 Commercial Roofing in Howell
Residential Roofing in Howell
Flat Roofing in Howell
Roofing Contractor in Howell
EPDM Roofing in Howell
Silicone Roof Coatings in Howell